What is Animal Communication and How Does It Work?


Animal Communications in Vancouver BCAnimal Communication is the ability to connect telepathically with an animal so that we are able to send and receive messages with our animal friends. Using this connection along with intuitive skills animal communicators are able to assist with finding out the animal’s physical/emotional state as well as any thoughts or feelings they wish to share with us. The information is received in the form of words, images, sensations in the body, emotions, sudden knowings, sounds, etc. As humans we mostly relay on verbal communication and our telepathic skills become rusty. We were all born with telepathy skills and anyone can learn how to communicate with animals!

What Can a Communication Help With?

Having a communication done with your pet can help assist with the following:

- Behavioral issues including jumping, barking, aggressiveness, urinating on floor, etc.

- Understanding your pet and why they do certain things.

- Strengthen the bond you have with your pet.

- Assist with helping to find lost animals.

- Assist with Health issues by performing a body scan to find out where your pet may be experiencing pain or discomfort. I do not diagnose disease and any medical concerns should be discussed with your veterinarian. I simply relay the information that comes up during a session which can then be used to further assist with the solution to the problem.

- To find out if your pet has any messages for you or if you would like to relay a message to your pet.

Request a Communication

If you are interested in having a communication done please email me and I will send you a form to be completed. Please provide me with a main concern for the communication rather than a list of questions that are not related. This will provide a flow to the conversation to allow for the specific information you are looking for to come in rather than jumping from one topic to another.

When I perform a communication I go into a meditative state and therefore all communications are done “long distance” to avoid any distractions. This means I don’t need to be “physically” with your pet and you can be located anywhere in the world and I can connect and communicate with your animal friend. ;0)