Ella Reiki for Pets Vancouver BC

Ella is 6 years old – I adopted her and her brother when they were 6 months old. Two and a half years ago, Ella went from being a loving companion to being an overly protective and aggressive cat. While she was very loving and affectionate to me, she lunged, attacked, hissed, swatted and scratched anyone else that came into my home. This included roommates, my boyfriend, and my mother. As time went on, the aggression kept getting worse and worse. I could not keep roommates, and it created tension between my boyfriend Ryan and I. After spending hundreds of dollars on relaxation and anxiety accessories from pet stores (from diffusers to collars and special treats) without success, I became desperate to find something to help Ella. After meeting with Tamara, and learning more about Pet Reiki and animal communication I decided to give it a try.

I began having Tamara do distance Reiki with Ella once a week for a total of five weeks. After Ella’s first session I began seeing subtle changes in her behavior. After the second session, Ryan was able to pet Ella – this was a huge deal to both of us, we never believed that we would be able to get to this point with her. After completing the five Reiki sessions combined with animal communication, Ella has become a completely new and transformed cat. She doesn’t act up when we have people over – and her attacks are very few and far between. They have been becoming less and less as time progresses. She doesn’t swat at Ryan any more at all, which is wonderful! She even curls up on his lap sometimes.

Ella the Cat Reiki for Pets Vancouver BC

It seems we’ve had lots of people over since we have completed the Reiki and communication sessions and she has actually done really well with people around. She still doesn’t like people touching her, but a few people have pet her without incident!!! So I am really impressed! One friend even picked her up because she tried to run outside, and she didn’t bite or hiss.

Ella is for sure a completely new cat. I am overwhelmed with amazement and gratitude after seeing her transformation. She has done a complete 180 since we started this process. I’m so grateful for everything Tamara has done for Ella, I never would of thought she could come this far!!!

- Cindy of Edmonton, Alberta