Why Choose Me to Work for Your Pet?

June the Cat Reiki for Pets Vancouver BC

I have LOVED animals ever since I was a child and I used to imagine that one day I would save all the suffering animals in the world. The connection I feel to them is something that makes my heart feel full and just their presence in a room can make all your worries disappear. I have personally experienced the healing powers of these beautiful beings and all the lessons and wisdom they have to share.

With the passion for animals that I had starting at a young age, one would think that I would have been found working in a shelter or a veterinarian clinic. But the reality was, I stumbled through my early adult years having no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I bounced from one career to another, travelled the world, experienced life like there was no tomorrow and finally found a career some 15 years later that I thought at the time, “this is it”!!!!! It fuelled my soul and my heart because I was working to help children and families who were living in poverty around the world. It really connected and resonated with me as my travels have taken me to corners of the world where I meet people who literally have nothing. Not only was my career allowing me to make a difference in the world but I loved the people I was working with too! I wanted to be a part of changing the world in any way I could.

Unfortunately while I was so focused on my career I “forgot” about taking care of me. I went on sacrificing my own needs including the happiness of my own inner being. On and on I went continuing to ignore the voice inside that wanted me to slow down. I kept pushing myself, my life, and everyone apart of it. I had no idea that I was actually “unhappy” until a very rude awakening when my 17 year old cat got sick and passed away. I was devastated and heartbroken. It wasn’t an easy decision but I finally mustered up the courage 5 months after his passing, to “listen” to my inner being that was now “screaming” at me to follow my life’s purpose. I left my role as a Regional manager, followed my heart and stumbled blindly onto the path of Reiki. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone and I had a helper guide the way through this very emotional time in my life.

His name is Thomas Fosty and half the time he acted like a dog rather than the cat he was. He liked to bite your toes if you left them sticking out of the blankets….. Imagine being woken up by a cat biting your big toe! He would run away so fast and I swear he was laughing. He meant the world to me. ;0) He passed away in my arms, peacefully on March. 24, 2013. He was 17 years old and he was my main man.

Anyone who has pets or who has experienced a loss understands how devastating these types of situations can be. That being said, everything happens for a reason, at the time its meant to happen and no matter how hard you try to fight it, there are times when it’s no longer your choice. I started looking at more alternative options for Thomas when I was told there was nothing more that could be done for him. This was when I “stumbled” upon Reiki but by this time events had already happened that I no longer had the power to change.

Looking back I know Thomas was working his magic. A couple of months after we said our goodbyes everything started to fall into place. I was guided towards the people who helped me grow on my spiritual path and here I am. ;0)

This is a little bit about me and how Reiki came into my life. I can’t tell you how much Reiki has helped me grow. The focus has shifted from everything around me to my inner being and allowing myself to find balance in my life. Learning to listen to the little voice inside, saying yes when it feels right and no when it doesn’t has all helped me to connect to my purpose and find peace in my heart. I hope that for those of you who try Reiki will love it as much as I do. ;0) I look forward to assisting you or your pet on your healing journey!