What Happens During a Reiki Session for your Pet?



Reiki for your Pets in Vancouver BC During a Reiki session your pet will be in total control of how they choose to accept the Reiki. Some pets prefer to receive Reiki from a distance and some like hands on treatment. Either method that your pet chooses will allow them to receive full benefits of the Reiki session.

Animals often become very relaxed during/after their Reiki session. Often you will notice them yawning, laying down or falling asleep while receiving Reiki energy! This allows them to enter a deep state of relaxation where their body can begin to repair, strengthen and recover from illness and stress.There are many things that can cause our animal friends stress including injury, moving to a new home, new additions to the family (people or other pets), abandonment, illness, old age, etc.

The use of Reiki can help to alleviate the following symptoms in your pet:

1. Issues with Digestion

2. Skin Conditions

3. Loss of appetite

4. Pain

5. Loss/lack of energy

6. Behavioral Issues including barking, aggression, urinating on the floor, etc.

7. Arthritis/stiffness in the joints

Since Reiki works on all levels of being there are many other areas that Reiki can benefit your pet including:

1. Relaxation

2. Reduce Anxiety

3. Help with previous trauma (abuse/neglect)

4. Release emotional blockages

5. Strengthen Immune System

6. Mental clarity/focus

7. Help with the dying process/transition

8. Works well with other treatments and can help alleviate the side effects of medication

9. Accelerate healing after surgery or illness

10. Increase trust and bonding between you and your pet

11. Energizing and revitalizing an older animal

The Length and Frequency of Reiki Sessions for Your Pet


Reiki sessions for your pet will last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and include a consultation. The length of session depends entirely on your pet and how much of the Reiki energy they choose to receive. Each animal knows how much Reiki is right for them.

The frequency of Reiki sessions depends on your pets health status and needs. Generally improvements can be seen after the first session but to see a long term impact 2 to 6 sessions may be required. Others may take ongoing sessions on a recurring basis.


What Happens After the Reiki Session to Your Pet?


It is important to have fresh water available for them as they often become thirsty during and after their session! The water helps to push any toxins out of their system, allows cleansing to take place and their bodies to restore balance. They also may need to use the washroom during or immediately after the session! Increase urination/bowel movements may also be noticed up to 48 hours after their session.


Distant Healing for Your Pet!


Although I absolutely love doing in person Reiki sessions for pets, sometimes distant healing sessions are more appropriate. If you are lacking the time or if your pet has anxiety around new people, it’s an emergency or you just live far away, than a distant session might be best suited for you and your pet!

Distant sessions are equally effective as in person sessions. If you are interested in a distant session please have ready to provide: your pets name, age, your concerns and a photograph of your pet. We will set time for the distant healing session and you will receive a follow up phone call to discuss the session. Generally results are seen within 24 to 48 hours of the session.



Disclaimer: Reiki is not a substitute for appropriate Veterinary care. If your pet has a health concern you should always contact your veterinarian.