June’s Story – My Little Reiki Sponge!!!


June the Car Reiki for PetsJune is 6 years old and we adopted her in April 2013 from a shelter. When we went to pick her up, she was in a little concrete room hiding in a box and she would not come out. There were floor to ceiling windows on one side of the room with towels covering the windows. We were told that movements from outside frightened June and they were doing what they could to reduce her stress/anxiety levels. It took awhile but I was finally able to coax June out of her box with a piece of string. She was starving for attention and I could feel how desperate she was for love but at the same time she was so afraid. She was clearly not ok emotionally.

I don’t know her history other than she was bounced around from home to home and her last owner dumped her off at the shelter because she was peeing on the floor. This was now the second time June found herself back at this shelter. June clearly had abandonment issues as she struggled with giving and receiving love, even though you could see it in her eyes that she desperately wanted someone to love her. It was obvious that her previous experiences with people did not allow her to believe that I was her forever mom and she was finally in her forever home. After we brought her home, we noticed it was routine for her to hide under the bed whenever someone new came in the door She would also crouch with her head down if you made any movements including walking from one room to the other. I couldn’t even raise my arm or reach for something without her cowering.

Reiki was started with June about 3 months after we brought her home when she was still struggling to settle in. June had about 5 Reiki sessions done over a period of two months at which time I noticed significant changes in her behaviour. After these initial 5 sessions the Reiki sessions were decreased to once a month for another 3 months. She has completely transformed!

The Reiki session have allowed June to release all of those negative emotions/experiences she was hanging on to. Now June lovingly demands attention and willingly soaks up love and gives love! Her physical issues with her head (I believe she had some physical trauma to her head besides the ringworm) are now completely gone along with her bathroom issues. She happily receives Reiki and often will come over immediately to receive Reiki. She loves to lay on her back with all four legs dangling in the air while she’s absorbing the Reiki energy! I’ve had the pleasure of watching how Reiki along with my love has transformed June into allowing her beautiful little being come out to shine! She is my little Reiki Sponge!

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