Tamara is very friendly, polite and a very very nice lady.  My little toy poodle had terrible dry skin and diarrhea.  My dog was so sick that he didn’t want to eat or drink, so I asked her to do Reiki on my dog.   The same day he had his Reiki session my dog dog got up from his bed and started eating and drinking.  Tamara also recommended tree essences to give my dog and in couple of days his skin become so nice and soft.  His skin wasn’t itchy anymore  and the diarrhea became much better and stopped within a couple more days.  Tamara’s work is very amazing.  She is a wonderful lady. I trust her and her work very much.
- Mashalah, Vancouver

“I remember my first session. I felt nothing but complete relaxation, but then the magic happened the following day where I was incredibly focused, yet relaxed at work. On a personal level I felt more emotionally expressive and accepting with my family. Additionally, Reiki was a life changer in my second pregnancy. There was a tremendous difference when it comes to nausea and pregnancy fatigue… I was able to survive my first trimester mainly because of my regular Reiki sessions. I highly recommended for everyone, especially pregnant women stressed at work like me.”

- Dina, Vancouver

“I heard glowing reviews about Tamara’s Reiki sessions from numerous friends and went in for a session–I’m so glad I did. What a healing, empowering experience! I could literally feel the energy of well-being flowing toward me and into the spots that needed it most and cleared all of my chakras. A must-try experience for anyone wanting to enhance their connection to themselves, others, and to Source.”

- Will, Vancouver

“I had never done Reiki prior to my experience with Tamara. I fell in love with it immediately. Tamara is very professional and has been incremental in my journey. I have noticed a huge difference since working with Tamara and I look forward to more self-improvement with her help.”

- Jody, Vancouver

“Tamara is a gentle and caring person and she is very passionate about her work. I tried reiki seeking help with processing emotional and physical stress following my divorce. My reiki and crystal healing sessions with Tamara are deeply relaxing. Over time I have experienced emotional release and significant stress reduction. This is a testament to Tamara’s ability to heal with reiki and crystals and I highly recommend her.”

- Joan, White Rock