Tamara Fosty Reiki Vancouver for PetsI have always been intuitive and believed that we hold the key to unlock our bodies own true healing capabilities. My mission is to open up and create that healing space, assisted by Reiki or Crystals so that your body has the opportunity to do just what it needs in order to heal itself from the inside out. The use of Reiki/Crystals can assist our bodies (including our pets!) to repair, strengthen and recover from illness, stress, emotional barriers and more!

I have been inspired and connected to Reiki through my very precious 17 year old cat, Thomas who has since crossed over. Our journey together inspired me to start my own practice and share this gift with others and their pets.

I invite you to start your healing journey with me. I am a certified Reiki Master Level Practitioner, trained in Crystal Healing, Animal Communication and Pet Reiki. I am located on Vancouver Island and for those living in other parts of the world  I offer distant healing Reiki sessions. Distant healing sessions for yourself or your pet is a convenient option for those who live far away or for anyone with time restraints.

I offer a flexible schedule and am available evenings and weekends for your convenience.

Taking time to ensure your own health and well being means abundance on all levels has the opportunity to thrive!

I look forward to working with you and your pet!